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From The Book. xxiii:19

Sketchbook of Artist, Mark M. Mellon

A play of energy.

A dance of repetition and avoidance.

The soft elegance of a feather falling through atmosphere: in reverse.

The being slips beyond the grasp of the bonds of gravity.

The bonds of physicality.

The bonds of people.

The Others.

Even within what may seem as determined attempts to restrain and keep one imprisoned , even, these ones offer the keys to the shackles of this realm.

Dissidents of the land whom walk ever so gracefully and silently towards the destruction of nothingness.

The ones whom see the fear of the void and embrace it, like a cold shower... or plunging into a hole atop the arctic waters...

The fear and the shock is only temporary .

But to take the plunge.... to let go... to allow the veil of the void pass over us...

Float upwards into the infinite.

Float upwards into the flaming star that bore all of us upon this world.

Though even now, the fear of the veil still strikes me with panic.

How I long to forget the chains of gravity.

One day , if it has not happened yet, you too shall face the veil.... if you are unsure, do not look what it is behind... for it will never leave you a moments peace until you return to that mystery of stillness.



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