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From The Book. xxiii: 20

Sketchbook of Artist, Mark M. Mellon

these days:

" I don't know. "

The only phrase in any language that seems to make sense at all anymore.


that is,

of course;


Though Silence is not Silence.

Is it?

There were a few brief interludes where I can personally attest to witnessing,

to experiencing,

to feel;


To Observe The Observer.

And then new questions begin:

If One Observers The Observer, well, then, who/what is this One?

" I don't know. "

I don't know.

These days;

finding words to correctly convey the images conjured to illustrate the thoughts of the path and of seeking and of life seem to elude more and more... No Title always seems the best course of action.

Letting The Others come to their own discovery.

But a good set of words, can often be priceless.



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