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I am in particular not a great big fan of mural work. Most specifically the rushed advent of its popularity in recent years.

For me there is a time, place and purpose for such things. And it seems, at first glance it's either mural work that looks like everything else or that's about it when it comes to art these days.

I have had a few ideas in recent weeks for a mural project that could be used / applied in multiple scenarios and situations.

The Photo here is an example piece I made on wood panel using modeling paste and oil washes. Just a photo type, but it can be repurposed in many ways.

Outside building wall mural ;

The material can be concrete, laid onto the wall in thin applications, building up sculptural aspects, with the face / design carved and etched into the semi dry concrete. A series of stains can add depth nd volume to the work, making then, the mural apart of the building. Also becoming apart of the urban landscape.

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