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The Week. / 06.04.23

Studio of Artist, Mark M. Mellon, Summer, 2023

A week of some what silence...


rather ,

a lack of any real need for human verbiage.


Venturing into experiments of abstract thoughts of childhood, innonce, youth and time... resulted in a small sub series added to The ROGUE banner of an attempt to loosely portray this remembrance of freedom , with the loose markings to dance around the ideals of youth... and the nonsense that is time.

Oil Pastel Painting Experiments in Progress by Artist, Mark M. Mellon

New Oil Pastels on Canvas by Artist, Mark M. Mellon

Much of the thoughts perculating in and out of the surface of this concise have been wildly abstract and unfit fro language of any sort.

Many wonderings and wanting and longings for a great escape.

To get lost.

To disappear.

Even if for a few days.

This , though is not a new sensation , or, could it be better described as a need... much that akin to a junkies need for their next hit of whatever...

the need to disintegrate into the ether.

Labyrinths by Artist, Mark M. Mellon

I passed the days and quenched - or better put, quelled this need with busy work, preparing panels, and even finishing up a few panels of Oil from The UNTITLED Collection. Several pieces I began back in February, new additions to The Labyrinths Chapter of UNTITLED, I finally set aside the patience and mental focus to attempt to finish these... as they are, The Chapter of Lanyriths are a sort of surreal and dream like series of corridors and entry ways (Exits?), robed figures lost and wandering - and some pieces exploring the mystery that the chapter is meant to portray. Shadows of figures cast from improperly placed light sources... and a seemingly infinite amount of corridors that all lead to exactly where one may be.

Oil Paint Palette of Artist Mark M, Mellon

Labyrinths palette was intentionally set in two of my most favorite colors: Prussian Blue and Naples Yellow....


Every manufacturer has their own recipe of color, currently I have been using Prussian by Van Gogh Paints (the affordability of it - though I do enjoy the tones it produces.)

However, I would love to have a go with Williamsburg's blend of Prussian Blue, as their pigments just have that special... just nearly always perfect... " mmmph " ....

For Naples Yellow, I use a combination of The V.G. Blend as well as Williamsburg's, Italian Naples Yellow - which is a sort of deeper yellow. The V.G. version, I keep supplied as well as it is a nice way to lighten up areas, where the later can be too much on the darker side of things. . . However, within the "...Nows " Chapters, I primarily use Williamsburg's colors or Gamblin's Oils for nearly everything.

Oil Work in Progress by Mark M. Mellon

So many new Portals into The Realm of UNTITLED... much of the week was spent preparing new panels for the journeys ahead. . . and with the cpoletions and work on several pieces of The Chapter, ' ...Nows', indeed many promising new twists and turns to the narrative ahead.

New Oil Painting by Artist Mark M. Mellon

Works in Progress from The UNTITLED Collection by Mark M. Mellon

Until Next Week.




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